Preparing your property for the sales market?

Statistics show that having your property professionally styled before it is listed for sale is more visually appealing to potential buyers and increases the sale price by approximately 10%

My service is cost effective as we use your existing furniture and belongings. No expensive add on fees, just potential to increase the sale price of your home and reduce the time on the market

Styling creates an environment that appeals to the maximum number of prospective buyers, causing them to “feel right” about your property. This leads to more offers and ultimately a higher selling price.

During a consultation, some of the things we may talk about are:

  • Creating space, this allows potential buyers to see a blank canvas and imagine themselves living there.
  • Any cosmetic renovations that need to done.
  • Using your existing furniture, we will create a sense of space, add colour and light and maybe even some greenery.

If your property is vacant, furniture packages are available.

If you would like to know how to style your property so that it is a standout, feel free to call me on 0424 077 340 or email me at

We recently had Jenn help us prepare our home for sale. Her enthusiasm and joy in styling is infectious. Jenn’s warmth, care and friendliness makes her easy to work with.
She very resourcefully takes what you have and with some creativity and simple rearranging, shows you how to showcase your home to enhance its potential. Jenn demonstrates how to create mood by coordinating &/or contrasting colour, texture and shape. Old bottles from a shed, jars from a kitchen cupboard, books stashed away in boxes and a few leaves from a garden tree are just some of the inexpensive, practical items Jenn inventively utilizes to style and add atmosphere to your home.
Not only does our home look fantastic for the upcoming sale, Jenn has taught me many styling tricks and has given me styling confidence that will be beneficial when setting up our new home.
Decluttering, packing and preparing a property for sale are not easy nor enjoyable, yet working with Jenn to style our home was, although exhausting, fun, calm and definitely worth the effort.
– Sue
Jennifer has done amazing work for our clients to help ready them for the market.
Cost effective, creative and above all else, respects our clients.
We are extremely happy with the service provided and gladly recommend her everyday of the week.  Ray White Swansea – Troy McLennan
Jennifer came to our home with such a warm and friendly approach. She immediately understood what we were picturing for our renovations. Her ideas were both creative and practical (We loved the idea of using the color pallet of a lovely gum tree in our back yard, as the foundation of painting our interior ) – but most of all she saved us a bunch of money regarding our choice in bathroom tiles. Cant wait to have her back as we step our way through all the different renovation stages… Thanks Jennifer! – Wainoni
Jennifer was really prompt; courteous and was very respectful of my home. Jennifer gave me a lot of very practical and easily achievable advice to enable me to get my home up and running for airbnb. No expensive program, just improving and using what I already have and upgrading a few key items. Simple but useful ideas, she has a sharp eye for detail and helped me get an experienced perspective.
Jennifer comes with a great knowledge of property management as well, which is a real bonus. I can easily recommend her Interior Styling. Thanks very much. – Ruth
Jennifer has been an amazing support to us throughout the process of getting our house ready for sale.

Her creative ideas and advice in utalising what we already have has been extremely cost effective and time saving.

Her enthusiasm and passion for gorgeous surroundings was infectious and has created an amazing result !

We highly recommend this service .

Thank you Jen !

Hi Jennifer recently helped me decorate my home she was a great help and came up with some great ideas and some affordable yet stylish solutions my home looked very pretty and in vogue when she left she was a great help and very prompt and reliable and friendly, easy to get along with. I would certainly recommend her… Rosie
Jennifer! Your calm and collected ‘ no nonsense ‘ approach and ‘can do’ attitude will endear you to every client! We had an urgent request for some fabulous art works and your styling expertise for a photo shoot. Thank you for delivering all of the above ! You Nailed it! Thank you too to Trish Menegazzo !  LJHooker Belmont – Kay

Jenn is fantastic to work with and her service is brilliant. She is friendly, focused and has beautiful style when it comes to home staging. Her unique service is perfect for anyone selling their home.

I would highly recommend Style by Jenn and if I ever have any clients that I selling I encourage them to get into contact.

– Alicia, 

Ray White Eastlakes

I highly recommend Jenn for all aspects of house staging if you want to get the best out of your house pre sale for little expense. Jenn walked into my home and knew exactly what I needed to do to stage my house with my own furniture/ furnishings. Her warm and engaging manner put me at ease. Jenn provided advice on where to obtain cheap alternatives for some of my furnishings which was terrific. She was fabulous in staying in touch and always responded positively to any questions I had. It certainly made my “getting my house ready for sale” a positive experience, still stressful but I always knew I was on the right track thanks to Jenn. My real estate agent and house photographer were most impressed with the end result! Thank you Jenn!
What a fabulous experience.. Jenn took the pressure off me and utilised what I had to make our home presentable and in order for the sale of our house. Highly recommended! Thank you Jenn.. you know your stuff!! Ps: I still have your vase you kindly lend me 😂
What a fabulous experience.. Jenn took the pressure off me and utilised what I had to make our home presentable and in order for the sale of our house. Highly recommended! Thank you Jenn.. you know your stuff!! Ps: I still have your vase you kindly lend me 😂
ShebMy brother and I could not be more appreciative of Jenn’s skill, effort and manner in helping us style our parents home for sale. Jenn went above and beyond and achieved an incredible result. We really enjoyed how Jenn: utilised what we had available; honoured our parents style; and respected our preferences.

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